Raspberry Pi Workshops

Austin IoT offer free monthly (usually the 4th Saturday each month) workshops at TechShop in Round Rock, TX. The goal of our workshops is to educate on using the Raspberry Pi to read data from sensors, process that data, and make it available over the internet. Raspberry Pi’s, sensors, and other related materials are supplied by participants. We will help you find and order all supplies.

Workshop sessions start with instructor led training and theory behind various tasks, and then go into performing the tasks on your hardware in live, hands-on sessions.

Links to the documentation pages for all of the sessions we have completed so far are below. As we are making this up as we go, we don’t know yet when the collection of sessions will end, and then begin again. The goal of these pages is to make them available for independent study.

You are invited to direct any questions, and participate in our online Slack forum at austiniot.slack.com. If you are not already a member of our slack team you can join today by sending an e-mail containing the e-mail address you’d like to use for your Slack login to info at austiniot dot com. Upon receiving your e-mail, we will prepare and send an invitation to our Slack team to the e-mail address you supply. There is no charge to be a member of our Slack team.

Workshop Links

Workshop 1

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