Upcoming Events

Austin IoT Events

Austin Internet of Things hosts informative, educational, and entertaining meetups and events several times each month. We feature speaker meetups, a hardware sub-group, and an IoT hardware workshop. Get connected by joining our meetup group at www.meetup.com/AustinIoT. Joining Austin IoT is free, as is attending all of our events, unless otherwise specified. Once you become a member, you will receive e-mail invitations to all of our scheduled events as they are announced.

Public IoT Events

Additionally, the following is a list of cool non-Austin Internet of Things sponsored events happening in and around Austin, Texas, and the world. New events are listed here as soon as we hear about them. To have your event considered for listing on this page, please send a brief description of your event, including event date and time, admission/registration fees (if any), and any related website links using our Contact Us page.

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